Mermaid Dog Logo Development Part 2


This is what we ended on in my last post, the above images are the base for a logo design I created for the cafe Mermaid Dog in Melbourne’s CBD (50 Market St.) This was the design chosen from all the options from the part 1 post. They then suggested that it be turned around so that the cup is more centred, like the seal is tipping it over. However she I tried it the first time, as in the images below, it didn’t quite work because it was too much tilt. I also experimented with another border idea but it was perhaps too dainty and/or nautical. The banner looked great but was too detailed to be printed onto things like disposable cups so had to scrap that idea too.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.35.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.46.42 PM

This version (below) is the rotation of the image we decided on which seems just right in terms of balance and symmetry. The border is meant to be an embossed stamp (like a wax seal) which I couldn’t help adding as a little pun, although people have said since that they thought it looked more like a coffee stain/ring. Which is also fine since it relates back to coffee. Now was the time where I had to think about fonts and text styles/placements etc. After experimenting with some script style fonts as requested, I found that most of the were just too detailed and the accents of the letters were just too interfering with the seal image and the symmetry of the two words as a whole. I am only showing two examples here of the fonts I went through but altogether I would have shortlisted about 25. I find the font choosing/designing the hardest part, an image you can manipulate so much easier but fonts are more distinct in terms of whether they work or they don’t. qaskin2 angelface

The two images below are the finals, giving the option of straight or curved text depending on why its being used for. In the end I still chose a script-like font but a simpler more stylised one. The smoothness makes it seem quirky but also sophisticated, a style that I have noticed a lot with recent cafes and other branding wanting to appear fresh & fun but also be taken seriously. Print Print

So stoked that they liked it! (and very grateful they took a chance on me!)

(final design stamped on the cups and printed on a vinyl sticker for the window)

Processed with Moldiv

Hope this post was interesting to see/read for some one.

Katherine ❤